A simple & powerful tool

Pesewa Shop is a simple yet powerful tool for record keeping. This tool gives you a graphical representation of your revene and expenditure for the user to know whether they are making a positive or a negative cash flow. It also alerts the user when items in their inventory are getting finished saving the user the headache of always counting to see the number of inventory they have left. Some of the main features of the software include:

We provide features that you need !

Perfect Dashboard

A simple dashboard with easy navigation helping you manage your budsiness from one place.

Manage Everywhere

The online availability help business owners manage their business from anywhere, on any device.

Unique Design

The software has a unique user interface design to enhance a better user experience.

Data Analytics

The software provide data analytic tools to help users access the growth rate of their business.

Easy Customizable

Pesewa Shop is easily customizable to suit the user's needs and business.

Easy Log-in / Log-out

A business owner can add his/her employees as users of the software and each have a unique log in ID.


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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Pesewa Shop?

Pesewa Shop is a financial management tool made to help business owners record their inventory, revenue and expenditure.

2. How will this software benefit my business?

Pesewa Shop has a data analytic tool that helps you to determine whether your business is making profit or loss and the rate at which your business is growing. This will help you make good business decisions. Also the software backs up your data everyday to our cloud so you never loose your data.

3. Which operating system is best to use the software & why?

Pesewa Shop is a web app so it can accessed from any device that has a web broswer so whatever type or version of operating system you are using you can use the software.

4. What is the main features?

  • A data analytic tool that shows your revenue and expenditure in a graph form.
  • An inventory recorder
  • An expenditure recorder
  • A revenue recorder
  • Employee management
  • Report generator

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